Legal, Risk, Compliance and CFO's

At Global Sage, our track record within the legal, risk, compliance and CFO’s practice spheres has been built by teams with both regional and global knowledge. To maintain our competitive edge, we ensure that each assignment is met with the following approach:

A Client-Driven Perspective

Regular consultations, in which we apply our technological and investigative techniques, ensure we get to the crux of what our clients are looking for.


Every search is lead and executed by the project’s lead consultant.

We work with both leading and emerging brands in the following areas:


  • Private practice (partner focus).
  • In-house (GC and senior counsel).
  • Talent acquisition.
  • In-depth organisational mapping.
  • Productivity analytics.
  • Talent surveys and succession planning.

We specialise in searches for the following areas:

  • Market risk.
  • Credit risk.
  • Operational risk.
  • Quant risk.


  • Control room.
  • AML.
  • Line of business compliance.
  • Investigation.
  • Testing.


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