Giving Back

Giving Back

Global Sage is committed to making a positive impact on society and giving back to the communities in which we live, work and do business. Our Executive Chairman, Ms. Louisa Wong, is the founder of Giving Hand.


Giving Hand

Established in 2008, Giving Hand is a fully registered Non-Profit Organization in Hong Kong (Ref No. 91/10046 / Tax ID # 1339255), with three important missions:

  1. To facilitate “giving” and donation of goods of worldwide corporations and retailers to meet the needs of relevant charitable organizations, particularly in China.

So far, US$2.5 million worth of products have been donated through us and via our non-profit network, partnering with 24 international and local Asian companies.

  1. To donate cash in response to disaster relief efforts, e.g. 2008 Sichuan and 2010 Haiti earthquakes.
  1. To fund start-ups for education-related, non-profit organizations.

Giving Hand donated US$15k as seed money to Teach4HK, where Ms. Louisa Wong sits as a member of the Advisory Board, raised funds to drive their growth, and will donate another US$25k to scale their operations.


Using seed money donated by Giving Hand, Teach4HK has partnered with 3 primary schools and high schools, which are not properly funded by the local government and had underprivileged students, and recruited 6 fellows to start its first fellowship program in teaching in the 2015-16 academic year, with plans to double the scale in 2016 using newly injected funds. Founded by a group of committed young leaders in 2013, Teach4HK is a non-profit organization with the following mission:

  1. To encourage more top Universtiy graduates in Hong Kong to pursue education as a career by giving them exposure through a one-year teaching fellowship.
  1. To partner with businesses and institutions in developing future leaders with empathy, compassion and a keen awareness of society’s problems.
  1. To help raise the quality of education for students in 150 underprivileged and underfunded primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, and to give these students a better chance at life.