Leading, Proprietary Intelligence Capabilities



To support our intensive research, we continually invest in the latest technology and resource tools to capture the most accurate human capital intelligence. Our proprietary system, SAGE (Systematic Access to Global Executives), drives the tracking of over 500 000 financial services and commodities executives from nearly every country in the world. Information input is gathered through a combination of on-the-ground intelligence gathering and our centralized intelligence management unit, based in South Africa.

The Benefits of Our Strategy:

  • It ensures effective, efficient talent acquisition.
  • It helps our clients create a competitive advantage by aiding an understanding of competitors’ goals, strategies and priorities.
  • It puts our consultants on the cutting edge of industry-segment developments.
  • It ensures we maintain a talent database upon which we can draw, to proactively react to our clients’ needs.

We have automated tracking of over 1,500 daily pieces of news on people’s activities in finance.


We know who is hiring and who is firing in every segment of finance, every day.


Sage builds detailed maps of every firm and watches the talent markets live. Our coding and sorting processes then builds a detailed picture of the talent pools.

Using social media and newsfeeds, we build an individual’s history and track record.